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Grocery Department

We have a large range of products now in our renovated Grocery Department. We are constantly adding new lines to our already substantial range and are focused on growing our health food range situated in aisle 10, with new and innovative lines and a large gluten free offer. Another area we are constantly focused on is our International/Gourmet range situated in aisle 5. This area is continually expanding with customers always asking for new products to be ranged. We range everything from the more expensive range of products to the cheaper end of the market. We have recently introduced the No Frills range which has really taken off.


Meat Department

The Meat Department is an area we are working hard in improving. In 2011 we won the Blackwood Region Meat Department of the Year Award and progressed to the WA IGA State Retailer of the Year Awards night. We carry everything from Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken and Sausages to Offal and on occasion, Fresh Fish products. With the arrival of the new refrigeration this year, we will be able to offer you an even better range than we do at the moment. If there is anything you want and we don't have it, please speak to John our Meat Manager and he will help you out.


Dairy/Freezer Department

Currently our Dairy/Freezer Department is only small, but with the new refrigeration in the works, this department will soon offer you a large range of chilled and frozen products that you may not be able to purchase anywhere else in Albany. We will keep you updated on these improvements.


Deli Department

It's no secret that we would currently have the smallest Deli Department in the State! With the limited space available, we try to offer our customers as large a range as we can. With the re-fit we are putting in a larger cabinet and Paul and his team will have a huge range of products to offer you, with a strong emphasis on locally produced cheeses such as the Dellendale Cheese Range which we already stock and cheeses from other Regional WA Producers. Watch this space for the new and exciting Deli to come!


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